Looking for the Best Bottle Sterilizer? Find it Here

During the first six months, newborn babies start to develop their immune system. They are also at a high risk of bacterial infection during this stage. It's very important that all of their things--especially baby bottles--are clean. Water and soap is not enough, and experts still recommend the age-old technique of hot sterilization. By sterilizing baby bottles, you can ensure that they are free from bacteria.

The traditional way of sterilizing bottles is to simply boil them in hot water. The problem with this method is it can cause the nipples and the bottles themselves to get deformed. The solution? Switch to steaming. Steam sterilizers can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and is considered one of the best bottle sterilizers available today. Here are some of the benefits using a high quality bottle sterilizer:

* BPA free - BPA is a chemical found in resins and plastics that can seep into food and liquid. To ensure the safety of your child, opt for BPA free sterilizers.

* Multipurpose - The good thing about steam sterilizers is that you can use them for other purposes aside from sterilizing baby bottles. They can be used to sterilize other items as the baby grows up, like toddler plates and utensils as well as tethers. You can even steam baby food in your sterilizer.

* Automatic Shut Off - To avoid accidents, the nest bottle sterilizers come will built-in sensors that close off the unit during the sterilization process.

* Quick and easy - The best steam sterilizers can disinfect your baby bottles in as fast as eight minutes. With the traditional method, you need to wait for the water to boil first and then place the bottles in the pan for about ten minutes. After that, you need to let the bottles dry. A steam sterilizer can save you a lot of time and energy--no wonder it's considered the best!

* Fits all bottles - One of the problems with regular bottle sterilizers is they are designed for specific bottles. The best sterilizers can fit up to six bottles of any brand and any size, from small ones to 330ml bottles.

* Compact design - Just because you have a baby doesn't mean baby things have to take over your entire home. The best sterilizers are compact and can fit into small nooks and crannies of your kitchen. What's more, if you and your baby are going on a trip, a good sterilizer can be easily carried.


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